This is an open albeit curated archive of my selected work and thoughts that keep me on my toes.

I design digital products and services with over a decade worth of experience and tricks up my sleeve. I use them to turn ideas into tangible things, influence people’s perception ever so slightly, fabricate emotions out of thin air or out-trick other tricks. Sometimes all at the same time. I’ve been told I trade them under unreasonable conditions, but also that I come highly recommended. I like to believe they cause good in the world, even though sometimes there’s only so much one can stretch the truth.

I cultivate more interests that I could possibly keep up with, yet alone master in one lifetime. Every now and then I convince myself into publishing my thoughts, or even say them out loud in front of an audience. Both intimidating activities which I’ve learned to enjoy.

Most of the time I can be found in London, UK.

If you should feel compelled to get in touch, feel free to do so via
design at natannikolic.com.